Advice on registering a death

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Registering a death

Where can I register a death?

The death must be registered at the Register Office in the district where it occurred. If it happened in Brighton or Hove you should attend:

Brighton & Hove Register Office
Brighton Town Hall
Brighton, BN1 1JA

An appointment system is in operation between 9.30am – 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & – Friday 10am – 5pm on Wednesday. To make an appointment please telephone on (01273) 292016.

If it is difficult to attend the offices, it is possible to register the death by ‘declaration’ at any register office in England or Wales. However, as the death will not be registered there, the funeral arrangements could be delayed if you choose to do this. Please note: that before the registration can take place, a death certificate issued by the doctor (or by the Coroner if there has been a post mortem) must be seen by the Registrar.


Who can register the death?

  • a relative
  • a person present at the death
  • a person who is making the funeral arrangements

Other people may be able to register the death in certain circumstances. If you are unsure as to whether you can register, please telephone the registrar who will be happy to advise you.



When should I register?
You should usually register a death within five days. If the death has been reported to the coroner there may be a delay. If you have any queries please contact the coroner’s officers on (01273) 665572 or the register office on the number above.


What information will the registrar ask for?

  • the date and place of the death
  • the full name of the person who has died (and maiden name if the deceased was a married woman)
  • his/her date and place of birth
  • the occupation of the person (if the deceased was a married woman or widow, the full name and occupation of her husband)
  • their usual address
  • if the deceased was married, the date of birth of their surviving spouse
  • whether the deceased was receiving a pension from public funds
  • his/her medical card


What documents will the registrar give me?

  • a green form to take to the funeral director. In some cases this will be issued by the Coroner
  • a white form (called a BD8) for the DSS

Both these documents will be issued free of charge.

If you need death certificates (which are certified copies of the entry) you will be able to purchase them from the registrar. These may be required for:

  • banks or building societies
  • probate insurance companies
  • stocks and shares solicitor
  • private pensions
  • post office accounts

If you do not purchase enough certificates at the time of the registration, further copies can be obtained at any time in the future.
In case of emergency

On Sundays and bank holidays, if you need to contact a registrar to arrange an urgent burial, you can do so between 10am-12 noon, by telephoning (07979) 648 227
Useful addresses

Brighton District Probate Registry
William Street
Tel: 01273 573510


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